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Jahna Vaughan is an illustrator residing just outside the Boston area. She is currently available for all freelance requests, including personal commissions. When she isn’t making art, she likes to walk barefoot in unfriendly terrain, write, and cook way too much food.
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Lana, I don’t care about your Las Vegas past. I just want to sit and stare at your beautiful half-sneering lips all day.

It’s spring, and I’ll draw all the flowers and ladies I want, and no one can stop me. Here, have a sketch in progress.

Lillies and ladies!

Excuse the crappy phone photo. Going for maximum fluffiness here.

Excuse the crappy phone photo. Going for maximum fluffiness here.

More owls! The Eastern Screech Owl and the Northern Pygmy owl. Basically one is a puff ball of surprise, and the other is a puff ball of anger.

A spring resolution: update more. I’m doing work every day, why not show it almost as often?

Relaxing is painting wise blue bears. Is the photo blurry because I want it to be mysterious, or because my phone camera is terrible? We might never know.

Here are some sketches I digitally fiddled with. I think I might paint a couple of them, but I always like how pencils scan. Something about that texture.

Ever have one of those paintings you just can’t seem to finish? Every time I go back to this, I come back with a fresh set of eyes, and it does benefit. But the problem with me and digital is that I will spend forever going over something until I have it where I want it. It’s all too easy when you can just start another layer and jump right back in.

Digital painting WIPs and watercolors today. It depends on whichever thing my cat is not sitting on at the time.

This little bat and his pomegranates were designed for the backs of my recent fresh batch of promotional postcards. I love doing floral arrangements like this. Happy Halloween everyone! Remember to consume massive tons of sugar responsibly.